Maya is a Yaqui, Ojibwe and Irish filmmaker and illustrator who enjoys working with a variety of visual languages, from computer graphics to graphite drawings and tattoo work. A recent graduate from The Animation Workshop, they are currently working with an Indigenous centered Stop Motion studio; Spotted Fawn Productions while freelancing. 
Through the lens of living as a Two Spirited femme Maya hopes to create stories and work that question imposed rules and expectations of gender and absurd aspects of everyday life. 


The Animation Workshop (2015 - 2019)

Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphic Arts 

Viborg, Denmark

University for the Creative Arts  (2013 - 2015)

BTEC in Animation and Design

Canterbury, United Kingdom




Spotted Fawn Productions

(2019 - Present )

Art Direction and Development  and working with multiple projects compositing, concepting and script writing

Playdead Games 

(2018-2019 )

Games Artist  working with character, creatures and asset production

Polaris Music Prize 

(2019 )

Poster Illustrator  for Haisla rap duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids


(2018 - Ongoing )

Co Director of a short film about reclaiming ones identity. 



Art Director of the short film featuring a narrative on human behavior and political constructs. Released January 2019

Waiting Room


Art Director, Co Production Manager and CG Generalist of the short advertisement produced for NGO Plastic change demonstrating the consequences of plastics in the sea. 



Art Director of the short film made for children from ages 3-5 at The Animation Workshop


(2013 - )

Freelance Illustrator for numerous clients and causes